Lucas Swafford



Lucas Swafford is a South Dakota born, Arizona raised singer songwriter currently recording and playing out of Boulder Colorado. He writes heartfelt, thoughtful lyrics and his voice is delivered with passion and sincerity each and every time. Once upon a time he was a whisky drinking, hitch-hiking busker playing his music from state to state never knowing where he would end up next.  As time went on, life on a never-ending road lost its allure and he decided to stay put a while and pour himself fully into his music.  Now a father of two beautiful children, he spends his days performing, parenting, writing and focusing on improving himself professionally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. His hopes are that the music he writes will spark a change within those that seek it and inspire people to become the best version of themselves possible.  Keep an open ear for his debut album. "The Good Wolf."